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'Finding your inner peace' is our theme for this week's Snapwire Challenge. This could be photos of people meditating, praying and doing yoga in different places at home, garden, beach, etc. We'd also like to see all poses of yoga for beginners, basic or advanced. Background must be quiet since finding your inner peace requires focus. We will put our favorites into a new Snapwire Collection. Good luck and Happy Shooting!

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1 year ago - Yoga. Yoga. Yoga
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1 year ago - check my photo , it's indian festival pic . Durga Puja is famous around the world.
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1 year ago - Peace for All
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1 year ago - in the description says people praying or meditating etc but i see that are nominated also images with no people. is that right?
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1 year ago - I have a question what should I do as a beginner
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1 year ago - Thanks for the nominations, snapwire! 😎