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For this week's Snapwire Challenge, we'd like to make a toast to Strong Women out there, especially our Mothers. You may submit photos of women showing how strong they are; can be working women, taking care of their family, doing household chores, showing support and love, working out or any activity they're doing to a portrait of a strong woman. Photos of them with family, friends, getting pampered, etc. that give them strength are also welcome, and of course, images celebrating Mother's Day. Cheers to all Strong Women out there!

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9 months ago - thanks for selecting my photo and purchase. for the story.... this was shot 4 years ago. my grand mother preparing a special family recipe dessert while my son watching. What is incredible is that today we went to visit (it's been 3years)and she once again made the dessert. j
9 months ago - How long does @snapwire usually take to purchase photos?
10 months ago - Thanks for the nominations! 😊
10 months ago - stay up!
10 months ago - Awesome Photos Photographers just love all the amazing work and effort put into these photosπŸ’—πŸ’—πŸ’—
11 months ago - Thank you very much for the nomination Snapwire!
11 months ago - Thanks for the nomination
11 months ago - thank you
11 months ago - @snapwire Thank you for the nomination! And, I apologize for submitting so many sister images. I actually posted the worst ones first :(. My mistake
11 months ago - Wow! Thank you for the nomination!!
11 months ago - Thank you for the nomination!!
11 months ago - Happy Mothers day to all mothers around the world ! :)