"refresh your professional life"

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"Refresh your professional life" is the tagline for CareerDesign. Want photos that capture/convey that concept. "Restart" or "Reset" would also work.

This is wide open for interpretation. Most importantly, please avoid the two cliched extremes of excited office workers and splashing water.

This is about work, so while scenes of nature are welcome, fun & leisure aren't.
UPDATE: Nature alone doesn't work; there needs to be a human element.

We're not about helping people just get a job or promotion, but finding and following their calling.
BTW, Design is in our name because we use Design Thinking processes to help folks make (cost) effective changes.

We'll respond promptly to questions, doubt or ideas in the comments.

Don't yet have a sample photo, but for whatever it might be worth, included a provisional logo.

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4 years ago - @Stefan Thank you for the nomination! Maybe you're right. Or when leaving, looking back,then starting to seek for restart.
4 years ago - I submitted a shadow pic, the thought of waving your old career goodbye, and after thinking more of it, it could be waving the old ways of your profession goodbye, keeping in line of career enhancement. I prefer black and white however I can do color if you prefer.
4 years ago - @stefan. I submitted one photo 'a motivation sculpture' which can imply for changing life, etc. Let me know your thoughts. Cheers
4 years ago - Thanks for the nomination and the feedback, it's appreciated!
4 years ago - WHY Nominated (so far): Man with brief/portfolio implies work. Seems contemplative here. @xantal Boy with jack is joyful. Young kids don't distinguish between work & play; Adult should do same. @jasoco Leg, bag: looks ready for journey to city in distance...with opportunities? @Hiro
4 years ago - "People already read and research too much about career changing; I want to encourage them to take action." This has to be one of the best things I have read in a long time.
4 years ago - You are absolutely right. Good luck in finding the right photo!
4 years ago - @litwincm My real issue is illustrated by this supposed _New Yorker_ cartoon: a man stands perplexed in front of two doors, one labeled "Heaven", the other "Books about Heaven". People already read and research too much about career changing; I want to encourage them to take action.
4 years ago - @litwincm Well, there's probably still a book jacket design copyright issue. That said, I actually prefer Go to Great. It's a clever play on the original and more apropos: many I'm trying to serve don't think their current job or career is even good.
5 years ago - I also submitted a picture of a spinner which is a variation on the "renewal" symbol that you use in your insignia
5 years ago - This is my idea for you. I change the name of the book fromgood to great to go to great so that there would not be any copyright issues. I've dealt with a lot of career burnout in my 30 years of work.