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This will be advertising Bakon Vodka, meant to convey how Bakon is the ideal vodka for a Bloody Mary. Looking for an "experiential" scenario - where you could imagine yourself in the scene, try to create an emotional connection.
Specifically, we want a shot of a restaurant/bar brunch scene set in early or mid-day (ideally showing a window or some indication that it's daytime). It should feature 4 (possibly more) 21-35yo people having food and at least a few Bloody Marys showing (ideally with a strip of bacon in them). Ideally a mix of male/female. Race/style/clothing not important, but they should look natural, not too made up (hipster is OK, just not over the top, we want the average Bloody Mary drinker to be able to relate).
The scene should convey something like:
A group of friends has come to brunch. They could be on vacation, or maybe just meeting old friends. Maybe they went out last night for some celebration, maybe they are a bit hung over, but they are relaxed, with no schedule. And they are storytelling and bonding. There’s food around (eggs, coffee, bacon, etc). They are laughing and having a good time and reminiscing.
They don't need to be looking at the camera, and they should look natural (not posed).
We'll be using this as a background on our web site, we will likely use parallax to superimpose a Bakon Bloody Mary on a tray or table in front (see image below). The people should be the focus; frame them in the right 2/3rds of photo ideally show full body.

Additional Requirements
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Environment :
Lighting :
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8MP+ (ex: 3264x2448px+)
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Messages posted by users

3 years ago - I hope my photos will work out well.
3 years ago - @svenliden are images Functional , for your purpose ?
3 years ago - @svenliden : if you have any request about the photos than I Uploaded , I can remove those excluded and re-upload the others with corrections targeted .
3 years ago - I just upload one Photo. If is necessary post production arrangment (like specular reflection with correct clock or more dramnatic but less natural light )is not a problem For me.
3 years ago - @svenliden I wasn't able to upload because I shot the roughs as 5MB files so they won't upload. If you have an email address, I can send them to you.
3 years ago - @svenliden I have submitted some location shots. I've already made arrangements with restaurant managers to shoot. Let me know if any of these are what you're looking for. If so, I'll set up the shot tomorrow morning.
3 years ago - My apologies for the question, just read the brief again and got my answer! : )
3 years ago - I read only now about not request real bloody Mary. Sorry For question
3 years ago - Are you looking for a specific age group?
3 years ago - I not understand if You wont real cocktail on 1/3 or only space For put it after
3 years ago - I will go and make some shots today. I hope they will suit what You want.
3 years ago - Thanks for the invitation,unfortunately I'm not able to submit to this.
3 years ago - It needs to be indoors, needs to have people. The PEOPLE are the focus of this shot, NOT the Bloody Mary. It needs to have a mix of male/female.
3 years ago - Thank You for invite, Sven Liden!
3 years ago - Thanks for the invitation. Let me see what I can do for you. Can it be brunch indoors? Without people?
3 years ago - @blakebronstad - please read the brief, we don't need a photo of a bloody mary, we have those already, we need the scene with people in it. Thanks!
3 years ago - If you'd like to draw a quick sketch or take a photo without people in it to get feedback first, please do, I'll try to let you know if the scene is right (before you set it up with models).