Youth and teen-age baseball

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Looking for unique youth and young adult baseball photography. We are looking for images that capture before, during or after practice &/or games.

Photos should not look stock or posed. We are not looking for over-processed in post production. We want clean, unique images that tell a story of baseball for youth under the age of 18. Ultimately we want 2 sets of age groups - youth (12 and under) and teen (13-18).

I would like to purchase rights for outdoor and in-store signage. Ultimately I want to purchase all rights exclusive or broadcast. This is why the price listed above is for $250 / image.

Please see the sample images. These are very basic examples of what we are looking for. We are open to more creative angles, lighting, approach etc. Push the limits and wow us.

If this test works for us, we will continue to send requests for our constant needs. We shoot all sports year round.

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3 years ago - Due to inactivity by the creator of this request, it has been closed by Snapwire.
3 years ago - @TonyBolding Hey there. Do you see any shots that you could use?
4 years ago - @tony bolding: sorry
4 years ago - @tony holding if you can open the request for a couple more days would love to submit a few photos, only if you have not found what your looking for
4 years ago - I just submitted a few photos to your request. If this is what you're looking for, I can definitely send in lots more.