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We want to capture the interior of a fridge. Right side of the frame consists of 5 Smirnoff Ice bottles stacked in a pyramid – held up by 1-2 binder clips. Left side of frame is a Canadian bottle of Smirnoff.

This shot should look casual and off-hand – as though someone opened the fridge and snapped a picture at a party. Image should be overexposed as though a flash went off.

Please ensure the main Smirnoff bottle labels are clear. One bottle needs to be Smirnoff 21 (750ml) and the other Smirnoff Grapefruit Flavoured Vodka Beverage (750 ml).

Note* when photo is selected, we will pay the entrant for the product purchased.

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Messages posted by users

3 years ago - Please describe the personality of the "casual and off-hand" fridge. Healthy foods, classy, young, clean? Thank you.
3 years ago - I do agree though, if you upped the ante a little bit I might be more willing to go out and buy the "variety" of drinks needed to meet all the requirements of this request
3 years ago - No ones forcing anyone to participate. If it's too difficult move along to the next
3 years ago - Assuming none of us has $40 of very specific alcoholic beverages in our fridge (let alone the storage product required to showcase these bottles), I would say that you're asking for a large up front expenditure just to "maybe" have our photograph purchased. (I'm not intending to be rude.)
3 years ago - Gentlemen.... It looks like the request is specifically for Smirnoff 6pk beverages, specifically for the new Grapefruit and its Canadian line of small bottle malt beverages. The binder clips is a new trend in fridge organization which creates very relatable and marketable imagery.
3 years ago - And why is the request titled Binder Clips?
3 years ago - I'm with John. You're asking us to buy several types of Smirnoff. This is the most specific request I've seen!
3 years ago - Hi @Amanda Johnston, who pays for the drinks? Is this a Smirnoff approved request. Seems odd such a big company would allow you to do this. Good luck.