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This photo will be used as a “packing” shot, for a group of people who are getting ready to travel to a music festival. We want to capture an image of various tents and bags, on a driveway ready to be packed. The entire shot will be on a driveway with no vehicles in the shot. Two or three packed up tents will be stacked on each other, while 5 or 6 backpacks are laid on top of the tent bags. Other fun, cheeky items like tiki torches, a guitar case, and a beach ball will also be laid down, awaiting packing. There will be legs in the background as if people are waiting to start packing things in their car.

This shot will be casual and off-hand – as though someone walked by on their way to the car and took a picture to post online. The image will be overexposed as though the flash went off.

**Note, there cannot be visible logos***

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3 years ago - This project has a lot of required details, so more time would be nice.