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I am putting together a draft of a children's book titled "My 10 Toes" which is a concept book about some of the fun things kids can do with their feet. The goal will be to illustrate the simple text for the book crating fun montages of pictures on each page to illustrate the simple text.

I am only needing pictures for a five page section. Last year I posted on Snapwire here and it didn't work out. This time I'm looking to hire one photographer to do the shoot and work with/message them directly. That makes things much easier as working with one photographer to communicate directly with, and complete the project.

The series of pictures will be fun and playful. The text for the five pages that I need the pictures for reads "When someone takes off my shoes and socks" "And tickles my feet" "I try not to laugh" "But it tickles" " That REALLY tickles!"

You'd need to have access to a couple of kids in the 5-9yr old age range and a fun parent or older sibling that would have fun doing the tickling. A fun family would work perfect. I'd like to get a fun variety on the theme to create the montages. You also wouldn't have to do any (or very limited) editing as I could do any of that if needed at all. The same group throughout the pictures would be great--for the whole five pages. I see these being done in a home type setting.

If fun and playful pictures are your style, I'd love to hear from you and create some fun pictures to complete the draft!


Closed because I could not find the right visual for this project

No pictures fit the description of the brief. Will hire this done to have someone get the pictures needed

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2 years ago - Closed because I could not find the right photo for this project. No pictures fit the description of the brief. Will hire this done to have someone get the pictures needed
2 years ago - I have a 9 month old and at 15 month old nephew my nephew tickle s my son all the time
2 years ago - did you already find your photos?
2 years ago - @james tarvis would this be $25 for each photo or is it $25 for the whole shoot of 5 images can you clarify this please
2 years ago - @jamesTravis I've uploaded 4 more pictures to my portfolio. Please have a look and see if these meet your requirements. Thanks
2 years ago - @lethbridge1978 Tickling would be best as that's what's needed to illustrate--thanks!
2 years ago - @jamesTravis I have one more upload remaining would you rather see boot / shoe off or tickling ? Thanks
2 years ago - @lethbridge1978 Similar, the shoes/socks being taken off by the person tickling, the playful "trying not to laugh" and building up to and then that good giggling--with seeing the feet and the tickling
2 years ago - @jamesTravis I have just uploaded 3 pictures ! Are these the right type of thing you are looking for ?? Thanks
2 years ago - @lethbridge1978 No..I think the 5yr old's would be right on track age wise!
2 years ago - @jamesTravis I have a 5 year old and twins 3 years old !! Too young ??
2 years ago - @JamesTravis - What a fun project! If there are specific tickle moments you would like shot, let us know. Let the giggles commence!
2 years ago - @James Travis! Thank you! I will start on Monday! I even sent an email to you!
2 years ago - @ A_L Photography--that would be great!
2 years ago - I'd like to hire someone to take a series of pictures that I explained in the brief to illustrate the text for these five pages. I would pay this person to complete a shoot to get a bunch of fun shots to illustrate these pages--but on the theme that I described in the brief. Thanks! James
2 years ago - I could have quite a few pics for you by Monday or Tuesday!
2 years ago - Hi! Well I have a 4 year old sibling, 7 and 8 year old!
2 years ago - Hi James! That is a really nice opportunity. Should we upload photos as examples of what we can do? Please, feel free to check out my page. I'd be glad to discuss the details and join the project.
2 years ago - @Linah No real hurry or deadline...within a few weeks would be great. I'm looking to have someone do a complete shoot and get lots of fun shots to illustrate these pages.
2 years ago - what is your time range for the photos?