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I need photos of a woman holding a blank poster in her hands.

- The woman should be around 18-28 years old and her face should be visible.
- A happy face is better than sad or neutral one. >> :-)
- The poster should be blank (white) and approximately sized around A2=80cm x 50cm.
- The background should be indoors in a modern or urban apartment, an atelier or similar. Note that the room should be quite bright and clean. Look at the inspiration photo with the desk: The room is very bright and the overall image looks fresh and well framed! The background can also be very blurry.
- Enough space around the subject would be nice so I can crop the photo if needed.
- If the photo doesn't look to posed it would be a big advantage.

... don't apply heavy color filters or other effects. Raw photos are the best.
... note that if you stitch the model and the background together in Photoshop do it nice and clean! The digital manipulation shouldn't be visible!
... pay attention to quality. Does the photo look professional, valuable and clean? Is the sharpness right?
... care about the light. Nice lighting is very important. Soft shadows are better in this project than hard light.

Take the advice by heart. I won't buy halfway good pictures.
Thank you ver much and happy photographing! :-)

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4 years ago - @all, thank you for your submissions. Unfortunately we had a change of direction and will no longer need the shot. Thank you again and best of luck.
4 years ago - @Urs Westermann: great shot that was nominated but wondered why you did not say in your brief that you wanted a studio shot and the poster held to the side instead of parallel to the camera. Thanks for that update
4 years ago - I'm interested but i have a question : you wont attend 50 day's or you can buy immediatly The first good Photo-Photos?
4 years ago - You can perhaps nominate the ones you like the best?
4 years ago - At the moment it doesn't look like I can buy a photo. Sorry. The biggest problem is the background as I see. A sunset, a tunnel or a randomly framed background just doesn't work. Look at the updated briefing for further informations.
4 years ago - @allynneclark Thanks for your comment! Yes the poster in front (as on the most pictures) is perfect! Note that the poster shouldn't be distorted because of the perspective. Place it parallel to the camera and the problem is solved.
4 years ago - To all of you: Thank you very much for your submissions so far! I really appreciate your engagement!
4 years ago - @snapwire : can you ask the buyer for some feedback to this request please to see if we are going in the right direction
4 years ago - @Urs Westermann do you want the poster to be held in front or in any other way, what's your preference.
4 years ago - Thanks for the submissions so far! Yes, a plain white poster would be best.
4 years ago - @Urs Westermann: Hope that this is the sort of work that you are after
4 years ago - Thank you for my first invite!
4 years ago - Thankyou, very much for this invite. I'll try my best :)
4 years ago - Thank you for the invite .... Now I have to find a poster ... Can it be anything or just plain white
4 years ago - Thank you for the invite
4 years ago - Thank you for the invite!