The Bottled Water Buyer's Struggle

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Modern condominium resident who currently buys bottled water coming home and struggling with carrying cases of bottled water.

Prefer shot to include atmosphere of inside a upscale condominium, the front of the building, the lobby, underground parking entrance. Prefer inside lobby at or near the elevator. Model will be holding and struggling to carry cases of bottled water while trying to get into the elevator or push the elevator button.

Model s/b female 30-40, who would have a young family with 1 pre-teen child, university educated, contemporary urbanite (time-poor, city-proud, media-literate, brand-centric, trend-sensitive, and culturally-aware), avg hh income of 100K+, Chinese / Filipino / Western European heritage.

She could also have a young child in tow or be with her male spouse or young child. Intention of the shot is to communicate that it is a real hassle to have to buy and carry cases of bottled
water every week, she is tired of doing it!

Note: no brand names should be visible on cases of bottled water if possible, please try to limit exposing water bottler brands in shots.

[Edit]Note 2: water must be cases of single-serve bottles (250ml). Case of 12-24 singles and preferable 2-3 cases of water are held.

Messages from photographers are welcomed.

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6MP+ (ex: 2816x2112px+)
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North America
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4 years ago - @wuzizname Hi Kevin, the request was supposed to be for am I right? hope you get to buy a photo. @snapwire
4 years ago - hi, is there anything holding to purchase a photo? thanks
4 years ago - thanks for the nominations
4 years ago - happy with" the result " keyboard error
4 years ago - it's over so hopefully you are happy with teeth the result, nominate my photos and end-up by buy my shots :)
4 years ago - @Kevin Leckie Hi, just want to check for any feedback before the closing time in 3H thx
4 years ago - @Kevin Leckie Hi shooting is done uploading hope you like... please nominate if you ok or comment is not. Thanks
4 years ago - @kevin hi I have uploaded some pics and any feedback on those would be greatly appreciated..i will happily reshoot or make changes according to your requirements .thanks in advance
4 years ago - Great I'll re-shot and I can even manage with a second pack ;)
4 years ago - Greetings again. Thanks for your continued efforts and contributions. The shots you did originally, with the elevator at the bottom of the stairs and inside the elevator are preferred over the newer ones. Inside the elevator or outside of it attempting to press the call buttons. Tx.
4 years ago - the more details you give me the best I can work on your request and please you with my shooting
4 years ago - @Kevin Leckie Hello, I've submitted more shot with water bottle case but just 1 can you have a look at it and give me your feeback. What would work best for you? in door front / lift front / inside lift? woman alone / woman with kid? is 1 case same as the shot enough? facial expression/clothing?
4 years ago - @Kevin Leckie thanks a lot for your reply, I'll do a new shooting and do my best, it's going to be sport, 2-3 cases lol, but I'll try. Thanks for the nominations I'll continue on this direction.
4 years ago - Awesome! Thanks for the nomination.
4 years ago - With a couple cases, 2-3 cases of water.
4 years ago - Hello again. 300ml would be fine. A shot that shows she's clearly struggling with the weight, perhaps trying to push the button with her elbow. I'll go through and nominate some of the shots which are there now.
4 years ago - @Kevin Leckie sorry one more question cases of 300ml would be ok? please tell me what work best for you, I can make it happen if you are ok with my first scenario.
4 years ago - @Kevin Leckie ok I'll buy the bottles and redo the shooting. can you submit the one that match the look you need. Thx
4 years ago - Hello. Thanks very much for your submissions. I do, however, require cases of 500ml single-serve bottles.
4 years ago - @Kevin Leckie done I upload some shot please lte me know if that's ok. Thx
4 years ago - Hi, do you really need a pack of bottles or can it be 6L bottle. Asian lady (but not fit model) possibility to had mixed race Asian looking boy. (both models are on my portofolio..if ok, possible shooting tomorrow. thx
4 years ago - Hello! Sorry but I couldn't use it if the model wore tie-dye. But I might consider buying something that was at the front door of a house. Thanks for the message.
4 years ago - @Kevin Hi! I'm scheduling a photo shoot tomorrow sometime. Would it be ok if the woman wore tie dye? An also is it ok if the woman was struggling to open the door to her house?