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Creative Statement

First camera was an old Pentax 35. I was in middle school on a family road trip. and since I was the only one who could keep the camera steady, I was nominated as the photographer for every event including this one. Sadly, this was my last time with the Pentax. We were robbed along with 14 rolls of film I shot and all my school books (I didn't mind the latter). I then moved to digital with a Sony Mavica. I started doing videography for a youth football league with my uncle in high school using a little hd cam. Everytime my girlfriend is driving, I'm practicing moving shots, manual focus, and exsposure. I'm loving the cannon DSLR line. I only have a year of experience with high end studio equipment. I built myself a beast of a desktop to blaze through rendering processes. Figuring out this page internally without shares. If you come across I'd appreciate a like.