Brock Lowstetter

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Creative Statement

I repair iPhones, iPads, of most generations message me to see how much for your generation. <br /> I also lend out any kind of freelance design work for any kind of multimedia whether it be fire print, videography, interactivity and animation, web design and ecommerce solutions. Please message me with any inquiries.<br /> <br /> I'm an extremely nice, responsible, respectful guy. I tend to care a bit too much at times and always try to do the moral right thing.<br /> I get into multimedia, technology, learning, studying, computers, video, film, and music a bit more then the average person my age.<br /> I love to produce music of any kind, if you like to produce too we are already on the same page.<br /> I'm a very open person. It takes a lot to trigger anything out of me and become interested very quickly to anything new. I have ADD and get distracted and come up with random conversations completely off topic and randomly; but its what accounts for my creativity.<br /> Get to know me and I promise that you will meet someone you have never met before.