Brune Charvin

  • B_charvin
  • Lyon, France
  • Shooter
  • 202pts
  • Art
  • Nature
  • People
  • Plants

Creative Statement

I am a photographer // filmmaker with a background in performance.
I direct, shoot, and edit short documentaries and dance films myself or with the help of a very small team, as I am after total intimacy and connection with the subject I document.

Non-verbal language such as dance, physical theatre and music is what resonates most in me – I believe in its universal nature to help overcoming ethnic, linguistic, or cultural barriers, unifying us whilst fostering our diversity.

I have traveled a lot, and from a very young age on four continents for lengthy periods of time – which has set me for life with a profound love for Humanity and an endless curiosity towards the thousand expressions of our cultures.

I aim at finding what makes us, humans, different – yet in these differences, what unites us. I want my films and photographs to act as mediators – there is a careful attention paid to the symbiotic connection between camera and subject. People dance? The camera dances. People craft? The camera crafts. People play? The camera plays.

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