Brandon Blackman

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Creative Statement

"Why live for anyone other than Jesus?" -Nathan Stiles<br /> <br /> I am 20 years old from Paola, KS. I am majoring in Biblical and Theological Studies at John Brown University. I have a passion to serve others, and it is, in my opinion, the ultimate form of worship (or response) towards the all great and all Almighty and all loving Triune God. <br /> <br /> I have many friends, a select group of "close" friends, and hardly any enemies. All my relationships are ran off a "peace if possible, truth at all costs" (M. Luther) mindset. However, there is only one thing I would fight to the death for; that is the truth and power of the victorious cross and empty tomb of an indescribable God. If those things are not true... then there is no other reason worth living for.