Luis Preto

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  • United Kingdom
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  • Architecture
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Creative Statement

Hello! My name is Luis Preto and I have been taking photos since 2007. In that year, I was given a small “Canon Powershot” camera for my birthday. Ever since, I have been slowly upgrading my gear, increasing my knowledge and having a lot of fun adventures! In 2015, I decided to take a (what I thought at the time would be permanent) break and packed away my Nikon D7000 camera. Though there are many reasons that led to my decision at the time, I simply had too much going on and too many areas where I had to focus. Skip forward to March 2018, I and my partner found out that we are going to be parents! Since I had dedicated a lot of myself towards my “daytime” career, I decided that it was about time to unpack my camera, purchase some new gear and expand my knowledge and recover a long lost part of myself! That is what photography means to me. It is, ultimately a part of who I am as an individual and hopefully, as a father.