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Creative Statement

I like to think I've always been learning through photography. I got my first camera at six years old from my grandfather, a reporter and lifetime sailor. He took me sailing, to see the Orcas in the San Juan Islands. After an incredible afternoon with many whale sightings, I discovered that I had forgotten to put film in the camera.

It took me awhile to get back. After spending 10 years in Colorado, I moved back to Seattle, where I had grown up camping and immersing myself in the endless beauty of the Pacific Northwest. As I returned, I quickly felt inspired to pick up a camera and make my best attempts towards documenting the expansive landscapes that I found to be saving me just when I needed them, every weekend.

Quickly, I learned that photography was how I wanted to spend my life. It hasn't been easy and it will continue to have it's challenges. I have been fortunate to work with an array of brands and agencies around the world and hope to continue immersing myself in telling stories focused on impact.

At the end of the day, if I can help any individual or organization reimagine their perspective of this planet on any level, all of the long nights driving or staring at the computer screen become a worthwhile part of my dream.