Rob Hudson

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Creative Statement

"Life is either a daring adventure or nothing" ~ Helen Keller. Welcome to New Day Rising Productions, founded by Rob Hudson in 2012, a new venture to capture the life around him through film and photography. Rob is a keen and avid traveller, having taken his camera to all four corners of the globe. Keen on several aspects of photography including landscapes, cityscapes, wildlife, abstract, portraits, sport and anything that interests him on his travels, he is always looking for new adventures to take him even further. Most of Rob's work has taken place on the road as he tries to captivate the wonders of travelling through photography: the new sights, feelings and experiences found only by wandering through the Petaling Street market late at night in Kuala Lumpur; living on an endless road trip through the wild land of New Zealand; and staying a night with the Batang Ai tribe in the middle of the Borneo jungle. Rob's interest also extends to film making. He has worked on both solo projects and within a production team at the University of Chichester. His main focus so far has been documentaries. Always trying to discover something new along the way, Rob tries to look at his topics from an alternative perspective. Take a look at Making Tracks, a film following a mountain biker's training as he prepares for a long expedition. He aspires to apply his skills towards promoting a passion for travelling. A future goal includes exploring the backpacker culture through the art of film. To date, his biggest achievement and current project include filming a documentary on leprosy in Uttar Pradesh, India. Rob is now living in Canada, training as a snowboard instructor for the winter of 2014/15.