Alexandra Kahn

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Creative Statement

I studied marketing and digital art at the University of Colorado, Boulder and have been shooting videos and photos ever since I began college in 2006. My films provide an outlet for story telling, often with raw emotions like humor, anger and frustration. Film gives the chance to find out who the characters are in reality. I approach film as I approach my writing- planning, note taking, brainstorming, multiple intense editing sessions. However, sometimes I am inspired by sudden, unplanned moments, which led me to discovering my passion for photography and the ability to capture an exact moment. I prefer candid emotion and love using the light to create varying effects in my videography and photography. I shoot a variety of styles including portraits, events, maternity, sports, product and landscapes. I work hard to make my clients comfortable with me and with themselves to deliver the candid images I seek.

When I am not shooting photos and videos, I am writing, traveling or rock climbing. I have worked hard to combine my passions and have made a few climbing films while traveling and climbing abroad. I spend as much of my time as possible outside and I love to be extremely active. I love to laugh and goof around, but I am an extremely hard worker who is independent and motivated.