Ashley Luccitti

  • ashleyluccitti
  • Phoenix, Arizona
  • Advanced
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Creative Statement

What creates a beautiful individual? As an artist the majority of my work relates to this issue, because I deal with it on a daily basis. Growing up in a highly materialistic area, as well as being involved in the modeling industry for years, allows me to feel the pressures of “perfection.” Comments are often made about the way I look or what I weigh by either individuals in the industry or peers around me who know about my involvement. These comments create unrealistic pressures to live up to. I use research for my inspiration, as well as my own life experiences. I extend my research to see how others are affected by the same issues through magazines, the internet, and more specifically how my peers discuss these issues on social media. I then create work that documents my awareness of the issue of an ideal perfection. Although some of my work does not deal directly with this issue, aspects of the beauty and fashion lifestyles are directly seen.