Noah Waters

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Creative Statement

I am a fim maker and so much more...
"Crazy and in control" A successful unification of quantum theory and relativity would necessarily be a theory of the universe as a wholeIt would tell what space and time are, what things are made of, and what nature is God creation

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I'm not weird, I am a limited edition nerdy redneck, one of a kind geeky hillbilly, sole model released southern artist,... I dunno ask GodI'm me and i wont change
i love God my family and friends, i stick up for my friends and my family, i back up what i believe in, I love the country side of living hunting, fishing and the outdoors. someday i wouod like a big farm and a bunch of kids, i have a big family and some day want a big faimily of my own, I love film watching, movie production like directing, editing , film creation, , most people dont like to watch movies with me for the first time because i ruin everything because i know most of what hollywood works, i watch the behind the scenes on every movie, im a hard movie critic, i love music ive taken music theory since i was a kid, i love to sing, play, listen and judge music, i love to write and compose music. I amm the best friend you could ever have, seriously ask any one of my true friends if everyone else leaves ill be ther ot cary you home or up stairs to mine, im a good listener and . I am a southern boy I dont care its in my blood, i get along with almost any one, i love to fight ive studied Martial Arts since i was little shototkan , brazilian jiu jitsu, kempo, pressure points, chi no gee fighting, grappling, hand to hand combat, arena mui thai, Gracie Jiu Jitsu, and more, i love my horses, i am a fundemental independent christian, or a born again believer, ive has a few nick names in my life time from meatloaf, big sexy, big country, hill billy, holyone, spots, spot, patches, sloth, ham, stormy, waters, which is just my last name, reverend, knife boy, comando, swiss, ace, go to guy, babes, baby , waterboy, and some ones i wont name, but the most common is boss really im just noah a relaxed down to earth man who loves to hava a good time, yeah so i caint write down every thing about me but u should want to find out your life will never be the same lol just kidding but seriously.