Carole Anne Ferris

  • carolan
  • Portugal, Trinidad
  • Shooter
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Creative Statement

I have had a lifelong interest in the uses of colour (in this I include black and white ) and the way it evokes responses in us, not from the logic mind, but the right side and primal area of the brain and the creation of images. How we see the soul of a thing or a person. More recently, I have become involved in the environment and the protection of life and the earth

In the abstract, colour and its partner form and in the figurative, the human relationship with the world is what drives my inspiration.

The power of the moment is what inspires the best stills and the image-maker in my view sometimes needs to be channel for that rather than a maker of it. I sometimes say the best images happen when I am not there. My thinking mind or ego is absent, but I am totally present in another sense.

My career has been in the fields of design, colour consultancy, video,photography and illustration.

I live between Trinidad and Portugal where my goals is to live as near as possible to a self-sustainable lifestyle

As I find it hard to describe my work I will let this review by the author and film-maker Joanne Gail Johnson speak for me....

"Refreshingly devoid of seductive trickery, Ferris angles, perspectives and compositions are correctly unique - yes - AND, her aim bares and celebrates - BUT, the "innersense" (read innocence too) is THE thing.
To see a Ferris photo is not merely a look at this or that.....
Her plain acceptance of her subjiects is palpable and an organic simplicity compels your being to embrace that which she found worthy, before you were invited to witness......
Her work effuses an elusive light quality which stages her subjects on a field of grace.
As much as she captures with, her soul essence is expressed through the lens, giving her images the inherent, rightful quality of mutuality.
Provided the observer has such stuff in her, a Ferris photo may serve to enlighten the heart with the kind of joyful appreciation which we often lament is experienced only by visitors to a place." Joanne Gail Johnson