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Creative Statement

R.I.P. Matthew Prather June 22nd, 2009

R.I.P. Morgan Dobyns january 20th, 2010

So as you see above those two names are my best friends who have died. One was killed in a car accident and the other one was murdered by her uncle. Anyways, here is a little something about me. I am a vegan and I am allergic to all wheat products so don't give me any of that so basically Im gluten free. Also I am 18 years old attending college right now and work at petsmart as a groomer/bather. I used to work at a day care center but not anymore. I am a photographer along with a drawer/painter. I love doing art so if you ever need someone to do something art related or having a photographer for something I will be gladly to help out. I have been swimming since I was four years old and always had a passion for it. I would've loved to swim college but not this year. I love to have fun and hang out with friends but when it comes to business its time to get serious. I am a hard worker when I am in school. So yeah thats just a little about me.