rick cotter

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  • Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
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Creative Statement

Rick Cotter
Artist Statement
In the beginning...My attraction to graphics and repeating patterns seemed to be mere
childlike curiosity.
Could anything be simple yet incredibly complex at the same time?
Think about a budding fern or the pattern and texture of a young pinecone.
The Golden Rule, do you find that mysterious? It's all around us!
As I have aged this curiosity has grown into shear Amazement and Intrigue.
Patterns in Nature, man made patterns and graphic designs...
These are what I enjoy capturing and putting to print in a way that
grabs the viewer a requires an extended thoughtful examination
of what is before them. I use tools like a camera, computer and some
very old techniques.
My greatest reward is watching a viewer stop, get closer and
take their time to SEE what I see.
I hope you enjoy my work as much as I do !