Evgeniya Righini-Brand

  • jackie-kaydo
  • Sleaford
  • Shooter
  • 302pts
  • Architecture
  • Historic and Vintage
  • Landmarks
  • Landscape
  • Nature
  • Sports and Recreation
  • Street
  • Travel
  • Urban

Creative Statement

Being a graphic designer influences me a lot in terms of what and how I photograph: large part of my photography is an ongoing visual research into different subjects which interest me—I capture a lot of details, which aesthetically or conceptually can influence my work. I am interested in utilising natural light, conditions and textures and capturing moments as they present themselves. A lot of my photographs have one thing in common: lack of people in the scenes—and this feeling of invisible presence in empty ordinary everyday places. I love exploring the world, be it on the other side of the planet or just around the corner. My interest lies in the following fields of photography: landscape, motorsport, conceptual, architectural, fine art and portrait.