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Creative Statement

Brian Kelley is a persistent adventurer. Whether it's living in the villages of Botswana or Sea Kayaking the waters of Alaska, his life's mission is to explore, create, and share those experiences with others.<br /> <br /> In 2010 he graduated from Gettysburg College with a degree in environmental studies. There he developed a passion for both environmental and outdoor adventure storytelling. Those passions have led to planning and running numerous outdoor expeditions, filming ultra marathon races, interning in National Geographic's Crittercam department, and filming all over the world.<br /> <br /> Today, Brian is the Multimedia Producer at The Freshwater Trust, a leading non-profit in river restoration. There he uses his professional skills in video production, photography, and animation to bring creative life to a diverse set of stories. <br /> <br /> Prior to The Freshwater Trust, Brian worked as a cinematographer for LinkTV's Earth Focus, where he contributed to popular shows on the Gray Wolf conflict and Coal Ash dumping.<br /> <br /> He hopes that his work in film will help shape a future with better environmental stewardship and outdoor appreciation.