Megan Kadinger

  • megank1992
  • West Richland, Washington
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Creative Statement

Well, I'm Megan. Obviously. That's what my name says on the page right? *double checks Facebook name.* Yeah, Megan. I'm 19 borderline 20 years of age, come October I will finally be out of the dreadful teen years. I live in Washington state, somewhere in the arid desert of the eastern side of the Cascade mountains, But I grew up on the West Coast and that has been and will always remain my true home. I miss the green life and the smell of living Earth, but I can't deny that Eastern WA hasn't grown on me in the last nearly three years I've been here. I originally created a facebook account to play the game ZooWorld on applications, however I don't use any apps anymore and rarely check my facebook as it is at the moment. But I do use it to talk to people more so nowadays. So yeah. If I don't know you don't bother to add me cause I don't add creepers. =D anything else just message me.