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Creative Statement

Have you ever gotten so lost in doing something, that you had no sense of time? That before you knew it, an entire day had passed in what seemed like a blink of an eye? That you are so into the here and now, that nothing else seems to exist at that moment in time? That is what photography is to me, brings me back to “living in the moment.” Not worrying about what’s happened in the past, or wondering what will happen it the future, just concentrating on what is happening right there, in that particular moment. Until I picked up a camera, the world just whizzed on by, and I never really noticed the simple things that happen in everyday life… • A gorgeous dawn to a new day • The big white puffy clouds in the sky • The rolling green hills of the countryside • A smile on a child’s face as they play with their pet • The reflection on the water in a still lake • The quiet silence of a snowfall • The full moon rising • The richness of colors on a crisp fall day • The rainbow after a raging storm • Sitting still long enough to observe the animals we share this planet with • An orchard of blooming cherry trees • A row of yellow tulips against the sapphire blue sky My photography has become my way of sharing my moments in time with others; the simple beauty of everyday life that goes on around us no matter what. The patterns, the light, the colors and the textures that surround us each and every day. I am a Professional Photographer who enjoys shooting for several Stock Photography Agencies. I have won several awards in local photography shows. My career in Marketing and Graphic Design, has allowed me to assist large and small businesses with their creativity and marketing efforts. I practice what I call the “Art of Impactology”, creating impact for my customers. Using my innovative and out-of-the-box creativity, to take ideas and create tangible, impactful marketing solutions. My passion for photography has lead me to many places, capturing the beauty of everyday moments in time. My Jeep and I love traveling the back roads of Colorado, with camera in hand, capturing the light of the landscape and the sharing the amazing views of the most beautiful place on earth…Colorado!