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Creative Statement

I love photography, art, digital art, i have always had an interest in photography, i got my grandma when i was about 12 to buy me a nikon camera in 1985 it was like thousands of dollars. I got it, used it alot but when i was in grade 11 my family home burnt to the ground. Looked like towering inferno, it was 4 stories of cedar. Goes up like a match..I lost it all. I have become recently free of a line of work i had great distain for and was stuck in for 20 years glad to be out of it..so i am now fully ready to jump into the digital space and utilize my iphone to help me improve my life and my 2 rescued kitties they are around 20 years each.i need to feed them. I am fully prepared to fully utilize my artist and creative talents and use my iphone and devices to help me acheive success. I am amazing at everything i put my mind into doing, one thing i fully agree with my archi bunker father is he said to me like when i was going to learn to weld. Never do anything he said if your not going to do it the best! So i have always strived at whatever i do, i do it the best, and i have. i want to make money and live a respected life. Being poor is no fun. I am eager to work. Thank you for yor time it sad i know i really know, but I am still here. #fotoart.onuniverse.com